Join us at the International AC/DC Fan Meeting in Celle

September 27. & 28. 2024

CD-Kaserne, 29221 Celle, Germany

AC/DC fans from all over the world

3 bands will play for you again

AC/DC Live Stream on RADIO BOB!

RADIO BOB! is sending AC/DC in a loop ... the best way to tide over the idle time until next fan meeting ;-)


Highlights 2023 - very first time in Celle

Highlight 2018 - with special guests Irene Thornton (Bon Scotts ex wife) and Mary Renshaw

Highlights 2017 - with band fotograph Robert Ellis

Highlights 2016 - with Mark Evans!

Highlights 2014 - with Chris Slade

Highlights 2013

Highlights 2012

Highlights 2011 - official AC/DC-Beer Promo-Clip