International AC/DC fan meeting will not take place in Geiselwind in 2022

Hello Rockers & Rollers,
Dear AC/DC fan base,

Two years of rock 'n' roll deprivation are behind us. More than two years in which we have been longingly waiting for normality to finally return and for us to be able to enjoy the beloved sounds of Angus & Co in Geiselwind (and of course elsewhere) again at a reasonable volume with suitable drinks and with many like-minded people.

As soon as the Corona situation seems to be moving in the right direction, politics goes completely crazy and people kill themselves right on our doorstep - it is to cry for.
We from the organization team are stunned at all this madness and are racking our brains for the third time in a row as to how we should deal with this situation.

In the last three months we have had intensive discussions with each other, but above all with the operators of the truck stop in Geiselwind.
And then, contrary to expectations, another problem came up: In addition to the imponderables resulting from the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the general conditions in Geiselwind have also changed significantly.

The costs to be borne by us have reached a magnitude that would impose shackles on a new edition of our fan meeting - it would be the tenth in Geiselwind - which we do not want to accept as it is. Because the consequences would be serious:
Poor, hardly enforceable fees for the bands or alternatively fewer bands, less supporting program, drastically higher entrance fees (order of magnitude "factor 2"or even "factor 3" ) and in the end still an extremely high cost risk for us.

Under these conditions, our motto "By fans for fans" becomes a farce because we can only plan and act according to commercial aspects. This has nothing to do with Rock'n'Roll and fun anymore - it just sucks!!!
For this reason, we have decided with a heavy heart not to hold a fan meeting in Geiselwind this year either.

BUT: We are looking for an alternative, because of course we are just as excited as you are to finally hold a huge AC/DC party again and to spend a weekend with the big fan family, as we all love it.
The search for an alternative location has begun, but is proving difficult. If you have a tip for a suitable venue, please contact us (Mail: Orga). We don't want to leave anything untried, but of course the bar is EXTREMELY high with Geiselwind.

We will inform you as soon as possible about the further procedure. However, it was important to us that you already know that hotel reservations in Geiselwind will not be needed this year.

See you soon - wherever that may end up!

Your orga team

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