For the 6th time

our friends from GO/TM will be hosting the Malcolm Young Tribute Night on Saturday, November 25th at the Lido Berlin.
Live, "Blacksmith" presents pearls of rock history before the "AC/DC Revival Band '89" fires off a concentrated load of AC/DC.

Info: https://www.gotm-acdc.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/835157521190004

Fan discount for "Rock Classics #36"

Do you still remember “AC/DC – The Rock Classics Special Issue”?

The new edition was released in 2022 and is available both as a limited edition with CD ("The Roots of AC/DC") and as a regular version!
Exclusively on Mjusick.com, the AC/DC special edition is also available in a limited edition with the CD "The Roots Of AC/DC", which was originally included in the first edition in 2009 and contains tracks by CHUCK BERRY, ELMORE JAMES, B.B. KING, ALBERT KING, FREDDIE KING, IKE & TINA TURNER, CARL PERKINS, MUDDY WATERS and BIG JOE WILLIAMS.

Information about the magazine:

If you didn't get the magazine straight away, you still have the opportunity to do so now - there are still copies available.
You can also save a lot: If you use the code “CELLE2024” when ordering, you will receive a 25% discount!

You can place your order using the following link:

The discount code is of course easily recognizable as an early sign that things will continue next year: On September 27th and 28th, 2024, the CD-Kaserne in Celle will once again be filled with rich AC/DC sound. The discount code applies to every order and not just for the AC/DC special issue - it is valid until December 31, 2023!


Check out our five minutes clip

Please check our YouTube-Channel ( https://youtube.com/user/ACDCFanmeeting/ ):

On our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Internationales.ACDC.Fantreffen  releasing some picture of the event.

If you need a shirt from our event:

...and leep in mind, the next meeting will be at September, 27. and 28. 2024 again in Celle.

Your Orgateam

Fan meeting shirts reorder

Wer noch ein oder mehrere Fantreffen-T-Shirts haben möchte, sollte den folgenden Text bitte unbedingt zu Ende lesen

Are you like Jens in our picture? He literally gave his last shirt away in Celle and actually gave his own fan meeting shirt to a fan.

As it turned out on site, many of the guests of this brilliant weekend were not yet familiar with the practice that has been in place for many years, that fan meeting T-shirts can almost without exception be ordered in advance and that only a minimal remaining stock is available for free sale on site . There were a lot of questions and then understandably disappointed faces: It shouldn't be like that! That's why we want to try to help everyone get a t-shirt who unfortunately came away empty-handed in Celle.

A conversation with the manufacturer revealed that a quantity of at least 100 shirts would be necessary for production to be worthwhile. We therefore proceed in two steps: First there is a query as to who would like how many shirts - and only then the binding order as soon as it is clear that the minimum quantity has been reached (We will only produce the shirts if the unit price of 20 ,-- Euro can be kept as it was before).

The whole thing only takes place via email by October 31, 2023 at the latest to the following address (no Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.!):

Shirt reorder

Subject of the email: T-Shirts Celle 2023

Your message must include:
Correctly spelled first and last name of the customer, street and house number, postal code, city and country.
The sender address of the email is recorded as the contact address.
Then specify the desired quantity of shirts in size (S to 3XL is possible) and color (French Navy or Bottle Green).

Important: You can calculate costs of 20 euros per shirt, plus shipping costs per shipment, which can vary depending on weight and country. (For a single shirt, for example, you can estimate 3.00 euros for shipping within Germany) Please only order if you take the shirts off afterwards!

In the second step you will then receive confirmation (no later than November 1st) as to whether the shirts will be produced.

In this message you will find out the total amount of your order including shipping costs and you will be given bank details to which the amount must be transferred in advance. The pre-ordered shirts will only be produced after payment has been received. Of course, it will take some time until these are finally sorted and sent on.

So: If you feel like Jens and want to do something about it - then contact Shirt reorderby October 31st, 2023 at the latest with the necessary information. (If we reach the minimum quantity before the order deadline expires, we will announce this directly here)



Here you'll fin a newspaper article about the fanmeeting (german only):



What a fantastic weekend!

How good this meeting was after the long break since 2019 could already be seen from those secured when the first fans arrived at the CD-Kaserne... eh.... ACDC-Kaserne ;-) on Friday.

A new location, new contacts and organizers - even in the preparation phase it was very exciting to see whether everything would work out: First and foremost, a very, very big thank you to the CD-Kaserne team for the highly professional and appreciative cooperation!

ACinDC from the Netherlands, Hole Full Of Love from Germany and last but not least Live Wire from the USA thundered a concentrated load of high-voltage rock'n'roll at us!

Body painting vice world champion Gesine Marwedel created an impressive work of art on bare skin - and Karina created professional tattoos under the skin. Both were thrilled and will definitely be there again next year.

Philippe from Belgium was on board for the first time with a merchandising stand from his shop Aftershock - he took over from our long-time partner Speedy and took care of the distribution of the pre-ordered fan meeting shirts.

Thanks of course also to the lively band from the Musikzug Groß Hehlen, who opened the meeting on Friday with “different music than we are used to”. Our motto "From fans for fans" was spontaneously supplemented on site with "with fans" by Martina, who gave the Hole Full Of Love and Live Wire gigs a special visual touch with her go-go dance performances.

Another thank you of course to Speedy and Radio BOB!, who have supported us for many years, as well as Rock Hard magazine, the local press around Celle and various AC/DC-friendly online platforms for their support!

Of course, we would like to express our deepest thanks to the many AC/DC crazy people from all over the world who sometimes have to endure strenuous and long journeys just to celebrate a weekend with the AC/DC fan base.


Celle Vol.1 ended with a big grin...and what happens next? In the near future we will certainly be publishing images on our website and Facebook from time to time - so stay tuned. So let CELLE'23 linger for a while before we can concentrate on 2024:
Anyone who was there certainly picked up a beer mat announcing the date for the next international AC/DC fan meeting in the CD barracks in Celle: We'll see each other again on September 27th and 28th, 2024: 3 bands, 2 days, one passion - from fans for fans!


Or - to put it in Bon's words in "Big Balls": "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you people! Thank you! Thank you, I'm glad you like the show, yes, thank you very much folks! Good night, and god bless!"

Your organization team

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On Friday, September 28, 2023, the time has finally come:

After a long break and intensive preparations, the International AC/DC fan meeting will take place for the first time in the CD-Kaserne in Celle.

Let's look forward to seeing AC/DC fans from all over the world!

Live on stage is ACinDC from the Netherlands on Friday evening - Saturday Hole Full of Love from Germany and Live Wire from the USA will shake the hall with rich AC/DC sound.

Warm-up in the outdoor area is possible on Friday from 4:00 p.m. At 7:30 p.m., as we are used to, we will open with brass music: Look forward to the Musikzug Groß Hehlen with us - from 8:30 p.m. it starts in the hall with a welcome and ACinDC.

The AC/DC collectors fair takes place on Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Live AC/DC body painting with Gesine Marwedel will be available from 4:00 p.m.

Hole Full Of Love take the stage at 8:00 p.m., followed by the traditional group photo and the AC/DC raffle prize-giving before Live Wire set off a furious sound fireworks display.

Have you packed your oldest shirt? After the welcome, we will start the contest at 7:00 p.m.!

You can get a tattoo from K-Rina on both days. The organizing team stand with fan meeting merch, as well as Philippe's large merchandising stand with "Aftershock" (where you can pick up the pre-ordered fan meeting shirts) will be there for you on both days.

You can find the complete program on the website: https://acdc-fantreffen.com/programm/

Tickets are still available here:

Please note: If you have a weekend ticket, you are not allowed to remove the entry wristband after Friday. The tickets are validated upon first entry and no replacement wristband can be issued the next day.

We wish you all a relaxed journey and look forward to seeing old friends again and getting to know new AC/DC crazy people!


Your organization team

Our channels:
Website: https://acdc-fantreffen.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Internationales.ACDC.Fantreffen
YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/ACDCFanmeeting/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acdc.fantreffen/ 


You can get the "souvenirs" again on site at the Orgateam stand:

As usual, there are patches, buttons, magnets, picks for Celle'23 and of course tickets for the big AC/DC raffle. Some leftover merchandising items from previous fan meetings are also available - just take a look: You can find the organizer stand centrally at the entrance to the side hall.

In the next hall, Philippe set up a large stand with "Aftershock" with AC/DC and other merch on both days. You can also get your pre-ordered fan meeting T-shirts from Philippe, successor to our long-time partner Speedy.



Very, very soon the international AC/DC fan community will meet in the CD-Kaserne in Celle.

It's logical that you can then present your fan flags from all over the world again and the hall should be "wallpapered" with AC/DC for two days!

We now have a new situation in the CD-Kaserne: There is no balcony where you can hang up and take down your flags yourself. We will look for the best possible solutions on site to present them safely and  visibly in the hall. We may need to arrange times for this. Please contact the organizing team or our organizing team stand after your arrival if you would like to hang up a flag.


Next week the time has finally come: the international AC/DC fan meeting will take place for the first time in the CD barracks in Celle.

To give you an overview, you can find the schedule and an overview of the CD barracks area here.
The fan meeting organization team and the CD-Kaserne team are really

looking forward to seeing you!