We would have loved to flick the switch at 6:00 p.m. - like nine times before - and start a thrilling AC/DC weekend with fans from all over the world.

The world has changed since then and the 10th AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind cannot take place this weekend due to the corona pandemic. That will be made up for and we are confident that Geiselwind Vol.10 will take place on October 15th and 16th, 2021!
After all, AC/DC themselves are currently providing consolation for the fan base: Even if we can't be together, we are united by the anticipation of the new album, which will be released shortly!
Stay healthy!



What has emerged in the last few weeks has unfortunately become a sad reality yesterday:

we unfortunately had to cancel the 10th international AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind due to the COVID 19 crisis.
This is just one of thousands of events - event industry is suffering to an indescribable extent.
Our possibilities are limited - but we want to take part in the  "Night of Light" campaign symbolically with the stage bathed in red light, which unfortunately will remain empty in 2020.


You have been waiting a long time getting a message when presale for Geiselwind 2020 will finally start

and also in the organization team we have prepared in the background, postponed the presale appointment several times and hoped that we can give you positive news: Unfortunately we have to inform you that this year will be no international AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind.

SARS-CoV-2 changed the world during a few months in a way that we could not have imagined before. Unfortunately, there is still no end to be seen for this bizarre situation, and there are guidelines that refuse an AC/DC fan meeting in the way we have known and loved in Geiselwind since 2010. No one yet can guess what the situation will be like in mid-October - everything is conceivable, up to a very short-termed cancellation when the machinery has already started up. Since our meeting is very international - with guests and bands from all over the world - and requires extensive preparation, we have now decided with a heavy heart to pull the ripcord.

Imagine a hall that is only partially filled, perhaps with seating according to distance regulations or a duty to wear a face mask and disinfection stations: no one would want that - and of course it is also important to us not to create a hotspot for spreading the virus - after all, we want to that you all stay healthy and we'll see you again next year to make Geiselwind shake again in a world "after Corona"! Make a note of the date today: Geiselwind Vol.10 starts on October 15th and 16th, 2021 !!

Sad, but also hopeful greetings from your organizing team

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You cannot wait?

Its still 8 month to our international AC/DC fanmeeting in Geiselwind.


Forty years have passed since Bon Scott left us far too early. Bon, wherever you are now: Thank you for your unique legacy!

Shazbot - Nanu nanu!


Sorry, no translation. It's an german insider joke ;-)


On February 14th/15th Dynamite Old School Fanclub Party Vol.9 starts in Lüdenscheid/Germany. This year first time in the "Brauhaus Schillerbad". Sound will be made by some well-known fellows: "Concrete Shoes" from Italy on Friday and "Big Balls" on Saturday - see you all there!

(Kopie 3)


Der Berliner Fanclub GOTM veranstaltet am 23. November 2019 zu Ehren des zweiten Todestags der AC/DC-Rifflegende Malcolm Young ein Gedenkkonzert mit BON – The AC/DC Show aus Berlin und Hardbone aus Hamburg!


Geiselwind 2019 was awesome!

Many thanks to the fans from all over the world who came for this weekend!
A big thank you to our bands Dirty Deeds'79, SpellBound and ThundHerStruck from Los Angeles!
Many thanks to Mick Tunes, the Bodypainting-Team around Anja, to our long-time partner Speedy, Radio BOB!, Hannibal-Verlag, PAW and the team of the Event Center Geiselwind, which gives our meeting in the MusicHall a home since 2010!

Photos will follow soon - stay tuned!
…and mark your calendars on October 16th and 17th, 2020: Geiselwind Vol.10!

Program 2019 online

After we've finished nearly all plannings the program for the AC/DC fanmeting 2019 now is online. You find it here. Also you can download the program an PDF.
We cannot wait to see you all again.