...on the clinical list!

... of course, we don't want to see you in connection with anycoronathings in the clinic! Of course, it's no clear situation but as it will take some time till October we are optimistic that Geiselwind Vol.10 can
take place as planned.

From this No. 999 we can lead you directly to the name of the first band: THE JACK!

Those of you that were taking part in the freezing cold  Dynamite Fan Club party in February 2019 will remember these guys bringing the hal to a boil. This year the band from Ukraine will shake the MusicHall in Geiselwind when they are in Germany for 2nd time and with a new name: THE JACK


As soon as  ticket sales for Geiselwind Vol.10 are going to begin, thiswill be announced here. Until then - and beyond - stay healthy!