The orgateam - every year with enthusiasm

„Surely, we are a little bit crazy, otherwise we would not voluntarily host such an event every year, more like relax, go to concerts and avoid all the work.“
The international AC/DC fan meeting (from 2010 until 2019 in Geiselwind, 2023 in Celle) is an event from fans to fans. An organisation team, consisting of AC/DC fans (for decades) from all over Germany has the aim to organise one weekend per year for all AC/DC fans, from all four corners of the world. This initiative arose out of enthusiasm towards the band and their music. The fan meeting shall be a platform, where fans can meet in person and celebrate together with the music they love. Obviously, everything has to do with AC/DC, so there is no other music played and the whole schedule, like raffle, collectors exchange and so on, are totally based on AC/DC. Like-minded people, who sometimes accept ridiculous journey ways come together to meet at our fan meeting and celebrate together. Once you witnessed it, you will come back again, for sure.
The organisation team looks after the bands and the schedule. Responsible for rooms, food, security and so on was from 2010 until 2019 the contract partner Eventzentrum Geiselwind, which is contract partner for the bands and other contracts, as well. Important decisions are made democratically among the whole organisation team. There is no such thing as one single leader in the team – probably the reason why it works since 2010: No financial benefits are aimed, but, as already said, to create an event, where the AC/DC fan family can meet up to have an amazing weekend together.

The organisational tasks for the preparation of the fan meetings are spread in the whole team -  there are contact persons for partial aspects. By the way, the entire organisation team meets only once a year – at the fan meeting. Everything else is organised over the year electronically or by phone.
These are the current members of the organisation team:
●     Jörg Honsberg (exchange guru, setlist coordinator, facebook supervision and head diplomat / since 2010)
●     Tomas Krogh (webmaster and advance booking organisation / since 2010)
●     Karsten ‘Hubert’ Massow (since 2010) and Michael Massow (since 2013) (both: raffle, technological topics, soundcheck etc. with the band: “Allet wird jut!”)
●     Markus Miliczek (hobby lawyer for contractul stuff and moderator on site / since 2017)
●     Jens Neuland (on site-team and arrival advisor / since 2010)
●     Timm Nüchter (photography god, “advisor”, facebook supervision, youtube channel and public relations / since 2010)
●     Tobi Oestreich (coordinator for bands and musical program / since 2017)
●     Thomas Schade (treasury and moderator on site / since 2010)
●     Jürgen Spiegel (contact to partners and supporters / since 2010)
●     Marco Weber (pictures, organisational topics, facebook supervision, public relations and again and again graphics traumatized / since 2010)
Sometimes, the organisation team changes, as it is completely voluntary, but still a big temporal expenditure over the year and on site. It is totally understandable, when there is not enough time left anymore to spend, to be part of the organisation team. Our „veterans“ still support the fan meeting, even after their retirement – for that, and the time of working together, a big thank you!
Our former members of the organisation team are:
Jürgen Kellner (2010 - 2012)
Stefan Kornfeld (2010 - 2014)
Andreas Lind (2010)
Frank Meyer (2014 - 2016)
Helmut ‘Ratz’ Pankratz (2010 - 2016)
Melanie ‘Mel’ Pfeuffer (2014 - 2017)
Frank Petersen (2010 - 2012)
Rafael Wieschollek (2010 - 2012)

Orgateam 2023

Timm Nüchter, Hubert Massow, Jörg Honsberg, Michael Massow, Tomas Krogh, Jürgen Spiegel, Marco Weber, Jens Neuland, Tobi Oestreich, Markus Miliczek


Orgateam 2018/2019

Jörg Honsberg, Thomas Schade, Markus Miliczek, Jürgen Spiegel, Tomas Krogh, Michael Massow, Jens Neuland, Marco Weber, Hubert Massow, Tobi Oestreich und Timm Nüchter


Orgateam 2017

Melanie Pfeuffer, Thomas Schade, Jürgen Spiegel, Michael Massow, Hubert Massow, Jörg Honsberg, Tomas Krogh, Marco Weber, Jens Neuland, Timm Nüchter, Markus Miliczek und Tobi Oestreich


Orgateam 2014, 2015 & 2016

Melanie Pfeuffer, Thomas Schade, Jürgen Spiegel, Helmut 'Ratz' Pankratz, Michael Massow, Hubert Massow, Stefan Kornfeld, Jörg Honsberg, Tomas Krogh, Marco Weber, Jens Neuland, Timm Nüchter und Frank Meyer.


Orgateam 2013

Thomas Schade, Jürgen Spiegel, Helmut Pankratz, Michael Massow, Hubert Massow, Stefan Kornfeld, Jörg "ohne Kutte" Honsberg, Tomas Krogh, Marco Weber, Jens Neuland, Timm Nüchter


Orgateam 2011 & 2012

above: Timm "Stonebreaker" Nüchter, Thomas "Mr. Daily Dirt" Schade, Tomas "the Tattoo" Krogh, Jörg "die Remscheider Sozialschicht" Honsberg, Jürgen "der Große" Spiegel, Hubert "Fuck Y..." Massow, Jürgen "AC/DC" Kellner, Helmut "Ratz" Pankratz


below: Marco "Historyman" Weber, Stefan "AC/DC Austria" Kornfeld, Rafael "Raff" Wieschollek, Frank "Mr. Dynamite" Petersen (nicht auf dem Foto: Jens "Autoreply" Neuland)