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Vor wenigen Tagen ging ein neuer Online-Shop an den Start: AC/ hat offizielles AC/DC-Material im Programm und supportet AC/DC-Fantreffen wie Geiselwind und das Bonfest. Schaut mal vorbei: oder

Wir grüßen OHRDORF


Concerning the International AC/DC Fan Meeting Vol.10 - originally planned last year, we have bad news again: Unfortunately Geiselwind 2021 has to be canceled and will be postponed by a year.

Up until the very end we were full of hope that Geiselwind could finally take place again - well, less than four months before it started, we had to pull the rip cord again with a heavy heart: The global pandemic situation is improving and luckily there are now vaccines. Nevertheless, there are still too many questions whether an event inside a venue with around 1,000 international visitors and musicians could take place in October in the shape we know and love. If it is still unclear whether we could be confronted with requirements such as masks, seats, alcohol bans, reduced number of guests, etc., there's too less sense: We all want to rock'n'roll, party wildly and finally after a long abstinence hug each other!

 We are confident that we will live in a world "after Corona" next year and that we will be able to make Geiselwind shake again! Save the date: Geiselwind Vol.10 will start on October 14th and 15th, 2022!

 Sad but also hopeful greetings from your organization team

GEISELWIND VOL.10 in 2021 ?

Usually, we would slowly pick up speed with presale of Fantreffen-tickets at this time ... usually.

You all know that we are still in a very uncertain situation due to the global corona pandemic. Even if there is now hope from the vaccines, we cannot foresee the further course of events for concerts etc. today.

The organization team is currently still hoping that Geiselwind Vol.10 will be able to start on 15./16. October 2021.

We hope to get more clarity in the next few weeks whether a hall event in the mode we know and love - with guests from all over the world - could be feasible in mid-October.

We will keep you updated on further information on our website, the Facebook page and the eCircle.

We hope to see many AC/DC lunatics from all over the world again soon!

Stay healthy!

Your organization team