You have been waiting a long time getting a message when presale for Geiselwind 2020 will finally start

and also in the organization team we have prepared in the background, postponed the presale appointment several times and hoped that we can give you positive news: Unfortunately we have to inform you that this year will be no international AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind.

SARS-CoV-2 changed the world during a few months in a way that we could not have imagined before. Unfortunately, there is still no end to be seen for this bizarre situation, and there are guidelines that refuse an AC/DC fan meeting in the way we have known and loved in Geiselwind since 2010. No one yet can guess what the situation will be like in mid-October - everything is conceivable, up to a very short-termed cancellation when the machinery has already started up. Since our meeting is very international - with guests and bands from all over the world - and requires extensive preparation, we have now decided with a heavy heart to pull the ripcord.

Imagine a hall that is only partially filled, perhaps with seating according to distance regulations or a duty to wear a face mask and disinfection stations: no one would want that - and of course it is also important to us not to create a hotspot for spreading the virus - after all, we want to that you all stay healthy and we'll see you again next year to make Geiselwind shake again in a world "after Corona"! Make a note of the date today: Geiselwind Vol.10 starts on October 15th and 16th, 2021 !!

Sad, but also hopeful greetings from your organizing team

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